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Module #1

World Wide Web
Introduction to Website, Domain, FTP, Working with Different Tools, Responsive Sites, Parallax Sites, Site Promotion

Module #2

HTML, CSS & Photoshop
Introduction to HTML& CSS, HTML Tags and other Elements, CSS Types and Properties, Static Website Development.

Module #3

Javascript, jQuery & Bootstrap
Basics of Javascript & Validation. jQuery animation and Ajax calls. Minification and Beatification. Bootstrap UI and Library.

Module #4

Core PHP & Advance PHP
Introduction to PHP, PHP Syntax, Variables, Arrays, Functions, $_GET, $_POST, Session and Cookies, File System Handling, Errors and Exception handling

Module #5

Advance PHP & Database Management
MySQL Introduction, MYSQL Connect with PHP, Create, Insert, Select, Where, Order by, Update, Delete statements, Joins, Triggers and PDO.

Module #6

Live International Project
You will use your knowledge in Live International Projects. YOU WILL GET JOB OFFER if client like your work.

There is also a Job Offer!
But only for outstanding students.

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