Malware Infection: Is your computer a victim of this?

Do you know how much time does it require when your computer gets infected with malware infection? Yeesh! It’s an unnecessarily wastage of time of a typical production day. Imagine you logged into your machine on Monday when you are expecting to reply to so many emails, your computer suddenly starting behaving lazy or your browser keep opening unwanted popups. Do you know how much time does it require when your computer gets infected with malware infection?

Definitely you don’t want to face such a situation. So, here are some quick points to avoid a frustrating situation.

Regular Operating System Updates: Update your operating system regularly. Turn on Automatic Updates on Windows and apply every single important update immediately. A decent antivirus like AVG is always helps. Even with its free version and it does a very good job by scanning malware infections. Get a LIVE Ubuntu CD. One can download CD image of Ubuntu from and copy it. Through it, one can undoubtedly get to web and update and upload files, without installing anything.

Email: Don’t open email attachments unless you know that the person sending it to you , really sent it.  viruses and malware infections usually come from someone you don’t know .Email attachments are the number one way via which viruses , Trojan horses and malware can get onto your computer. Beware of zip files – do not open them unless you are 100% certain they have been sent from a known reliable source – these can spread cryptolocker.

Don’t click links in e-mails. You could be taken to a phishing site and this may lead you to install malicious software.You should copy and paste the link into your browser or type the link into your browser.
Switch to a web based e-mail program such as Gmail / which will scan your emails before they arrive on your computer. Gmail is probably the best solution on grabbing spam if you are having spam issues with your current email provider.

Browsing The Internet: First step is to avoid Internet Explorer browser at all cost for browsing, as it is the most common entry point for all malware. One can easily download Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc and make it the default browser.n Check that the updates for these browsers are being installed and learn how to check that you have the latest editions. I recommend Google ChromeAds On Websites : Block ads when browsing the internet. Install Adblock from the Google Chrome store.  Ads on websites have been known to infect visitors to those sites.

Downloading Files: You should only download files from places you know are absolutely safe.The use of file sharing software often means you will download Malware and Trojans without knowing.  If you download files you should quarantine them in a folder and then scan them a few days later with an updated antivirus software. Beware of downloading ” Free ” software as most sites that host ” free ” software are a hotbed for malware infections

Finally, look at what you are doing and when in doubt – think before you click. Remember if you get infected it really is your fault.

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