20+ SEO Secret Tips To Boost Your Website Traffic

Here I will explain 20+ great SEO Secret Tips and reveal some expert techniques. With its help, you can quickly boost your website traffic.

If you are new in the Digital Marketing industry or self-learning, you have to know all the SEO tips you can quickly learn and enhance your knowledge & skills.

After reading this, all your doubts and confusion will be clear out. And you will be able to boost your website traffic and rank your web pages in search engine top results.

Before we start SEO secrets techniques, first, we have to know about SEO…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I hope you all know about search engine optimization. If anyone doesn’t know about it, don’t be scared. After you read this, you also will understand it, and you even master it.

Simply, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process which helps a website rank high by doing two easy & excellent strategies:-

First, you optimize your entire website.

Secondly, you optimize your web pages one by one.

It is your job to help them look at your site more efficiently and effectively, and this is the only way you could help them learn SEO.

It is effortless to become an expert in the SEO field. If you follow all these tips and techniques.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques To Increase Website Ranking

We are categories into two parts:-  

  1. Higher Impact on SEO:- It means they are hugely affecting the ranking of our website. Without optimizing it, we can’t rank in search engines.
  2. Lower Impact on SEO:- It also affects the ranking of the website, but it gives a lower impact without optimizing it. We can even rank, but I recommend optimizing it for better and long-term ranking in the top search engine result pages.
Higher Impact on SEOLower Impact on SEO
Page SpeedAdd more than Text
Content Of PageOrganize Content
Title TagExpert in Your Niche
Link Building
Technical SEO

One by one, we read about Why SEO is crucial for Ranking

Here some list of SEO secret tips and tricks to boost your website Traffic:-

Page Speed

Page speed simply means page load time. Page speed is the measurement of how quickly the content on your page loads.

According to Google, page speed is one of the essential factors for ranking the page.

If your Web-Page loads quickly, your website visitors get a better experience; if your Web-Page is too slow, your user will bounce back to google.

Here some Free SEO Secret Tips with which you can quickly analyze your webpage:-

Page Speed Insights:- You can Easily Check your Page Speed Score.
Web.dev:- See how well your website performs.
Pingdom:- Test the Website page load time, analyze it, and find bottlenecks.
Byte Check:- Is another tool with which you can check your website speed.

With all those SEO Secret Tips, you can quickly analyze and resolve them if you see any error.

Content of Page 

As you know, Content is a King in SEO, and high-quality content is essential for good ranking in search engines. 

Google provided a new update about its algorithm like Panda, Penguin, where he told that quality content rate increasingly higher.

Many experts agree that a website’s content is one of the most crucial factors for ranking in search engines. 

If you have high-quality, engaging content with the relevant topic, you can achieve success in ranking your page.

Here some SEO Secret Tips with which you can quickly check the readability and originality of the content:-

Grammarly:- It is a writing tool that helps you check for many types of errors with its help you efficiently resolve.
SEO Writing Assistant:- It provides you with instant recommendations for content optimization based on the best article performance.
Real-Time Content Analysis:- If you are using WordPress, you can install their plugin as well, or you can simply check your content just enter the content you’d like to analyze.

With all those SEO secret tips, you can quickly analyze and resolve them if you see any error

Title Tag

Title Tag is an essential factor for ranking your web pages. The title tag shows how search engines read your title.

With the help of SEO Title Optimization, you can boost your website traffic and enhance your chance of ranking in the search engine results pages.

Many experts say that your main keyword in the title tag is that you have to maintain the length of your title. Generally, Search engines display only 65 – 70 Characters of the title in their search results. 

Here some SEO Secret Tips with which you can quickly check your title and description:-

Test Page Title:- With this tool, you can quickly check your Title & Description. How your page appears in search engines, you can easily optimize with this tool.
Google SERP Preview Tool:- This tool counts your page title and meta description input as per both character and pixel length.
Meta Tags Analyzer:- This tool is extremely useful. It tells everything that you should know, and after that, you can work the best meta tags to utilize. 

With all the above SEO secret tips, you can quickly analyze your meta title and meta description.


URL plays a vital role in ranking your web page.  URL is the first thing that google and customer are seeing.

Many Experts say that the keyword you choose must include in your URL structure; they can boost your ranking.

Make sure your URL will be SEO friendly & they do not contain any special characters.

Suppose you want your web pages to come under the first 20 pages, so you have to maintain your URL length. The average length of the URL ranked in the top 10 results is 37 characters.  For top 20 results is 35 characters.

SEO Secret Tips with which you can inspect your URL:-

URL Inspection Tool:- The URL Inspection tool provides information about Google’s indexed version of a specific page.
URL checker tool:- You can use this tool to check the URLs
Broken Links:- This tool helps you identify broken links on your webpage.

These three powerful SEO secret tips you can analyse and inspect your URL as an SEO friendly URL.

Link Building

Link Building is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website. In Search Engine Optimization, Link Building plays a vital role in increasing a web page or website ranking in search results. You should always try to maintain a healthy link profile.

Links from websites within a topic-specific community are generally better than links from websites that aren’t relevant to your site.

Many Experts agree that link building is one of the hardest parts of their jobs, there are many techniques for building links, and they vary in difficulty, 

If you want to boost your website traffic, here some SEO Secret Tips:- 

  • Apply a link on the descriptive text to make the user understand which page he wants to be redirected after clicking the link.
  • The site you are linking is relevant to your content.
  • Use rel=“nofollow” attribute on external links.
  • Use internal linking to redirect the user from one page to another page, and they can also boost your average spending time into the website.

SEO Secret Tips with which you can easily prospecting a link for link building:-

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer:- Analyzing your competitor in that way, you can find link building opportunities.
Semrush:- With this tool, you can analyze any domain’s backlink profile.
Hunter:- Huter tools take a domain and return an email address. This tool helps find contact information.

If you are using anyone of this SEO secret tips you are doing great work for ranking your website traffic.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is nothing, but it’s everything because it is a never-ending topic. It relates to all the Search Engine Optimization activities except content optimizing and link buildings.

Expert Says, Technical SEO influences your ranking in search results. It also affects your website visitor’s actions & decisions.

Technical SEO mainly focuses on backend website and server optimization.

SEO Secret Tips with which you can check your technical SEO errors:-

W3c:- Markup Validation Services validator checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML.
SEO audit & Reporting Tool:- SEOptimer is a free SEO Audit Tool that will perform a detailed SEO Analysis and find technical SEO errors.
SEO Site Checker:- This tool helps to analyze the website and its SEO errors instantly.
Site Audit:- This is another free tool with which you can audit your site.
Sitechecker:- site checker pro detect all technical SEO issues in one place, fix them and get more organic traffic, satisfied users, and sales

All above SEO Secret Tips are free you doesn’t need to buy it for checking your technical SEO errors. You can just try all these tools and then see the magic how your website will rank on SERPs.


A Blog is an online diary or journal that located on websites. It is a platform where writers share their views on particular topics according to their niche and interest.

Expert says that blogging is the easiest way to produce new content and increase new leads. Create quality content, and you will win.

 If you want your blog to rank higher on google search results, you have to follow some SEO Secret tips:-

Keyword Research:- Keyword research is significant for SEO to make sure you look for highly-relevant keywords that get a decent number of searches and low competition levels.
Word Count:- If you want your blog will be rank on the search engine result pages, you have to maintain the length of your blog on an average of 1900 words.
Share on Social Media:- One of the best ways to promote your blog is to share on social media. Facebook and Linkedin groups are the best places to promote your blog.

If you follow all these SEO secret tips, I guarantee your blog 100% ranked on the first page. Might be chances it will take time, but then after your blog will be rank.

Add More Than Text

The content on your website is not only text. You have to add some pictures or infographic structures to improve their SEO ranking.

Organize Content

Organize Content means the structure outline of your page will be formatted appropriately. Make sure your content text is formatted as it makes it easy for people to read, especially with the bullet points.

Experts say that clean format and design will improve your SEO ranking.

Expert in Your Niche

Experts say that no magic can turn you into a top expert in your niche overnight. It’s a generic process that takes time.

Here some SEO Secrets Tips with which you can improve your SEO:- 

  • Find Your Keyword:
  • Build a page on your website dedicated to this niche group or service
  • Link this page from other pages within your website
  • Measure your results


There are lots of SEO Secret Tips & Tricks To Boost Your Website Traffic & hundreds of criteria based on which the search engines’ ranking algorithms.

If you follow all these SEO Secret Tips & Techniques & implying it on your work, you can quickly increase your website’s performance.

Expert’s SEO Secret Tips

Prachi Garg
Digital marketing specialist

Initially, when I started as an SEO I found it as a hectic job because it’s not just about optimizing the content
but also major part is played by off-page SEO where I have to approach so many sites, create backlinks, and much more but after a while, I got hold in this and started finding it really interesting.
Though through SEO, you don’t get fast results but once you start getting there is no stoppage. One tool that helped me do on-page is rankmath. It’s like your guide at every step. It made my job easy.
MOZBAR- helped me examine and analyze important search, social and page metrics of any site you visit
right in your chrome browser.
UBBERSUGGEST – I find it one of the best for keyword research and even it has a chrome extension now which made it much easier
SCREAMING FROG – Many people don’t realize that the free version allows up to 500 URLs per crawl. It’s great for small projects and site audits.

Priyanka Joshi
Content Writer

When it comes to content writing, it is highly recommended to use SEO tools before giving life to your writing.
This helps you to write more conservative content towards your targeted audiences

Poonam Senwal
Digital Marketer

“SEO = Content + Backlinks”
Content plays a significant role in SEO, which means we can not assume to have good results without sharing the quality content.
Link building is about building awareness. In my journey of 6+ years, I found these below three techniques the most effective:
1. Guest Posting: It is a great technique to build niche-relevant links. If you can create high quality & informative content then this one is the easiest and most promising SEO technique.
2. Local Citation: If you are targeting the local market then this would be a magical SEO strategy.
3. Competitors Links Replication: It could be a little time consuming but generate tremendous results. You just need to do little research and find out how to build the links.

Sanjana Verma
Digital Marketer

SEO – It is time taking but gives better results.
There are two types of SEO on-page as well as off-page if you fix it properly and target the right keywords according to your niche, use long-tail keywords & it will be of low keyword difficulty you will be rank soon on SERP.
The content you publish is should be relevant & unique to get more organic traffic. Have web analytics & google webmaster tools to analyze from where the traffic is coming from. Google sees whose domain is older it prefers that also.
The domain is old your site will rank & fix position on google. Page load time speed should be good & if you want more visitors on your website.
There are various tools to analyse your site paid as well as unpaid use that tools to improve your website performance and get more traffic to your site and business.

Itisha Sharma
SEO Expert

You should build a website to benefit your users, and any optimization should be geared toward making the user experience better. One of those users is a search engine, which helps other users discover your content. Search Engine Optimization is about helping search engines understand and present content. 
You can follow these seven steps for practicing successful SEO:
• Crawl accessibility so engines can read your website
• Captivating content which answers the searcher’s query
• Keyword optimized to attract searchers & engines
• Great user experience (must be simple, not complex) including a fast load speed and compelling UX
• Share-worthy content that earns links, citations, and amplification
• Title, URL, & description, tags to draw high CTR in the rankings
• Schema markup to stand out in SERPs

Do you want to increase your rank in Google SERP?
Everyone wants to smash their competition! So rather focusing on your competitors, implement all the required SEO techniques in the right way to grow your own website. It’s important to analyze your “niche”. If you know what your customers want, you can really grow your community.
I personally tried these methods which helped me to get a better outcome with high traffic rates. Start your organic journey necessary to grow your organization as a brand.
Analyze your niche & Audit your website Auditing is a book where you analyze every single event, concept, response, and result in a systematic manner. By doing this you will achieve clarity where your website is lacking in traffic and conversions.
Voila, now jump to the next step.
Create content plus research keywords for Rankbrain The content should be audience-friendly and keywords should be Search Engine friendly. Spare time to find and use your competitor’s keywords to reach better. It plays a vital role to position the website suitably. Nowadays Google is a lot more inclined towards the relevant stuff for its audience. So, make it a habit.
Create Backlink Google flagger high quality links not quantity. I used to focus extremely on backlinking. Minimize the quantity of backlinks by scheduling a proper number per week. Don’t always target “prominent sites”, some “average sites” can be beneficiary but should be niche-specific.
Technical SEO is necessary Ignoring technical issues can cost high. Google can disown the performing website if it did not sound technically correct. Make your website mobile-friendly, the site should load with HTTPS. Redirecting URL is the best option for customer experience and Google crawlers.
Try this out! Track your traffic for more sales Use a good tool to track your website’s traffic. Keep an eye on the email lists, social media, landing pages.
P.S – Always include Social Media Marketing as a bonus for your brand awareness. You can’t automate everything, but do what can be automated.

Anoop Bhandari
SEO Specialist

First of all, I would like to say that don’t restrict your knowledge only to SEO. The field is too deep to explore. Enter the scenario of Digital Marketing by being an intern in a good Digital Marketing company and learn and get used to the paid marketing too apart from SEO.
SEO is a good option too but if you enter the Industry without paid marketing knowledge you will end up with limited salary and growth.
Digital Marketing along with Affiliate Marketing and Dropshipping is the way to go in this industry in the current situation.
So in the early stage of entering this industry make yourself aware that don’t bound yourself only to the SEO field and explore other paid marketing knowledge too.

Mamta Ahirwar
SEO Specialist

Search engines give favorable treatment in search results to websites that display certain technical features like a good and secure connection, a responsive design or a fast loading time, and Technical SEO is all that you need to do to ensure your website does so.
Some of the best practices include:
Use of SSL
Make your website to load faster Cut the Duplicacy in Content Use Schema Markup for excellent traffic Connect your site with Google Search Console (This will helps to analyse your site more efficiently and alerts you when there is something Phishy. Use an XML Sitemap for the crawler.

Aiswarya Menon
Marketing Lead

I have been asked if SEO is important to back up good content and whether it’s worth the efforts.
Your content is Sherlock Holmes.
Your SEO effort is Dr. John H. Watson.
If there’s no Dr. Watson, we’ll never get to hear about the genius that Holmes is.
If there’s no Holmes, naturally, Dr. Watson would have no story to tell us either.
Ergo, blend the perfect SEO-content cocktail.

Deepshikha Sharma

As per today’s world where most industries go for paid advertisements for quick results on the other hand most, people ignore the efforts of SEO.
Just because it takes time to show results in SERP. But I don’t think always going for paid advertisement is always a good option because with SEO you’ll get lifelong SERP results for your website but on the same way if you only choose paid marketing is the only option for your business then you’ll never get the long-lasting benefit with short time investment.
You’re website or product will only be visible on the SERP till the time you pay the search engine for it but in SEO you never have to pay a single penny to search engine.

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